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What We’re Doing

Dennis Messing Memorial Foundation


Founded: 2015


Areas of expertise: 
Recovery resources & education, philanthropy, fundraising


Millions of people suffer and die every year due to alcohol and substance.  Help us change that.


We have a simple mission: to help people get the help they need. We need your help to make sure that more lives are not lost to the disease of substance dependency.

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The Recovery Rally, hip hop event, featuring Slaine will be held June 2nd in Cambridge. We are holding our second annual Basketball Tournament on June 10, 2017 in Quincy, Massachusetts. The tournament will conclude with a reception and comedy show where there will be raffle and auction items. With the generosity of sponsors and donors our first annual tournament was a big success.

Company Profile

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DMMF was founded in 2015.  We have helped over 40 people access 12 step treatment.  We have an application process and interview in order to receive any scholarship.  DMMF also requires applicants to commit to going to a holding for 2-4 weeks after detox.  We are committed to helping as many people we can access treatment.  We work with a few facilities across the county.  A committee and board member tour and meet with owners of each treatment center to endure that it is reputable and the quality of care. The board reviews the information and votes on each center before approval.